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Madagascan Vanilla Bean Valentinis are a moment of innocent indulgence, made from the finest ingredients. Enjoy the luxurious flavour of Vanilla bean from Madagascar and our indulgent chocolate when you bite into these tempters, made for the ice cream lovers and those seeking to find the perfect snack to share at any occasion.

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The ingredients used in all Valentinis are selected with the notion of providing our ice cream lovers with an indulgent experience, through quality ingredients and an innovative product. Valentinis are made in Australia by an Australian family owned company using fresh milk from the Darling Downs region.

Montana Mountain Mint Valentinis are an exciting new addition to the range and feature a mint chip inclusion, these exquisite creations were formulated to capture the imagination and excite the taste buds. Our team left no stone un-turned searching the globe for the best flavour and inclusion to bring you an amazing mint offering. Share the indulgence and excitement around at your next occasion.

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If you would like to stock Valentinis or have a question about this unique and innovative product please call us on (07) 4699 9977. We're open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

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